These are my collection of quotes. I love writing quotes because it helps me cope with life’s challenges, and to my surprise, it helps others too. So, please feel free to quote them as you like. SaC = Sarah A. Christie.


“Siapakah Aku? Aku adalah Yesus di dalam aku.” -SaC

“Whatever you’re craving, don’t settle for something ordinary, let alone ugly.” -SaC

“Courage is a byproduct of faith. Faith is a byproduct of a close relationship with God.” -SaC

“Some people love to huddle with u in the pit. But some other people want u out of the pit!” -SaC

“To God personally, time is the essence.” -SaC

“See something in every nothing. See the positive in every negative.” -SaC

“Everybody got a second chance to be somebody.” -SaC

“We have to stop assuming, and start living.” -SaC

“Tanganku akan tetap terangkat ke Surga. Mulutku akan tetap memuji Tuhan. Mataku akan tetap tertuju pada Yesus.” -SaC

“Unta tidak mungkin menyerah karena padang gurun. Ia diciptakan untuk menaklukkan padang gurun. Orang benar tidak mungkin dihentikan oleh keadaan-keadaan yang sulit.” -SaC

“Obedience is the key to a fullness of joy.” -SaC

“If there is shadow, there is light.” -SaC

“Pride keeps us standing up, humility keeps us from falling down.” -SaC

“Love is the strength and weakness of man.” -SaC

“Walk if you can’t run. Crawl if you can’t walk. But keep in mind that you are not gonna stop ’till you reach the finish line!” -SaC