Ev. Sarah A. Christie

Sarah A. Christie is a Christian author, writer, and designer. Though hearing about God since her childhood, Sarah didn’t have a true knowledge of God’s love and His everlasting kindness, because she grew in a broken Christian family. Her image of God was as broken as her family relationships. But thankfully, by grace she was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ in her 20s, and her way of thinking was transformed ever since. She began to see life as Jesus sees it. Through her imperfect family background and personal life struggle, God began to give her new insights and understanding on life and His infallible, divine plan in everybody. In 2007, Sarah finally answered the long-time calling that Jesus has put in her heart since her college years, to be a Christian author and spread the love of Jesus using her easy-to-read and entertaining writing style. Her goal is to transform people’s minds and teach them the true knowledge of Jesus in a world that successfully told all the wrong things about Him. Her own experience has taught her that knowing and understanding the truth has set her free from evil’s lies and bondages. Her published books are “Kala Wanita Percaya” and “Aquarium Impian”. Both are in Indonesian language.


Ev. Sabine Kusuma

Sabine Kusuma is a Christ follower who is called to be a Counselor. She accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour during her master degree in Melbourne, Australia and since then she has been so passionate about young generations and to nurture them to live radically for Christ. Her dreams to work and to gain high position in secular world have changed dramatically. Her focus has then shifted to disciple many for Jesus, as she wants people to receive Him and experience His love in their early age.

After her six-year career and study in Australia, she decided to return to Indonesia, where God has clearly called her back to the land she has never thought to live in.
Through many cultural shocks and difficulties, her devotion to Jesus has never been diminished. God’s promises, constant love and faithfulness are the strengths she has to stay firm in the area God has intended her to be.


Vonnie Sutedjo, SH, LC

Vonnie Sutedjo encountered Jesus personally when she was in junior high school in a youth service. She was raised in ‘fatherless’ family for 7 years. During that hopeless period, her faith in Christ was stretched-out, and she experienced God as her Father. Later, in God’s miraculous way, her family was restored in every aspects.
She was graduated from Law Faculty in University of Surabaya, Indonesia. Then, God strongly called her to take a Master Degree in the Netherlands. Once again, in God’s miraculous way, she received a full scholarship from Wim Deetman Studiefonds without any application. She believes that God designed her to be His ambassador in legal field. Currently, she works as a legal consultant in Indonesia.