There are three greek words for ‘time’. Kronos, Kairos, and Pleroo. Kronos is the chronological time. Kairos is what we often hear, it speaks about opportunities that need your response. When you see Kairos, you have to respond to get it. Pleroo, well this one we seldom hear. Pleroo speaks about the fullness of God’s timing. It happens without your interference, but because you are ready to receive what He has planned. Pleroo happens entirely by God and from God. Pleroo is when His promises are suddenly fulfilled in your life. And this is not depending on you, it is not even depending on your so-called faith. Abraham and Sarah received God’s promises anyway, though they still had doubts about the ‘how’. Your readiness does not depend on your feelings. You might not feel ready, you might doubt yourself or your situation, but God knows that you are ready.

And to make it clear, faith is not a feeling. Faith is another substance in your inner being that you might not be able to describe. Faith is believing that God is God. Despite of your situation, God is God. That He is in control. That He loves you. That He will do anything in His power to help you or to bring you outĀ of your difficult situation. Faith is living in Him, and He in you.

So in waiting for your Pleroo, I would suggest what I used to do. Keep believing that God is a God that hears prayers and answers them. He is a God that makes promises and keeps them every single word even to its dots. He is a God that is Faithful and Holy. And He is not capable of denying Himself, let alone His Words.

Thus, from now on, don’t wait only for Kairoses, wait also for Pleroos.

Author: Sarah A. Christie

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