The Grace and My Favorite Songs.

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For two Sundays God has proven to me His grace is real. And I have to write this so I won’t forget it years later. I still remember, the first Sunday, I was on my way to the church, and suddenly God asked something in my heart, “What song do you want to hear today in the church, dear?” Well God knows that I have this thing with songs. I can’t really relate with the worship if I don’t know the song. 

So as I speed up my motorbike, I said, “Well do you think it’s a bit odd, to ask me what I want to hear? We are all going there so you can hear our praises, Lord. But, if you ask me, well, it would be cool if I can hear some Israel Houghton’s songs.” Though I knew that they usually don’t sing that kind of gospel song in my morning church. 

I rushed myself to the service because I was 15 minutes late, sat down, said my prayers, and joined the praises. It was the second song I think, when I heard a very, very familiar tune. Then the worship leader started to sing “I’m a friend of God, I’m a friend of God…”

I was in awe… I couldn’t say anything. I just smiled all the way. It was Israel Houghton’s song. This morning church doesn’t sing gospel songs, but they sang it anyway, because God wanted to let His daughter know that His grace is real. 

The next Sunday, I was on my way to Church again, the same morning church. And I was listening to an Indonesian praise song, called “Allah Sanggup” (God is able). It’s a very cool song and I love it. So I had this wild thoughts, I said to myself “It would be crazy, if suddenly they play this song in the church, because no way that could happen”.

I came to the church, sat down, said my prayers, and got up to join the praises. And there, for the second time, I heard a very familiar tune, because I just heard it on my iPod! And suddenly they just started singing the song “Allah Sanggup”.

That was one in a million chances. That was amazing. That was real! I got no one to share this with until now though. I kept it to myself, even from my cell group friends because I don’t want to sound cocky. Remember why everybody hated John? Because John always said, He was the one God loved. Though everybody is loved by God, but only John realized it and admitted it.

But I am thankful, because for two weeks in a row, God showed me that His grace is real, therefore sufficient, for any of us. So whenever you think that God doesn’t remember that it’s your birthday, or He doesn’t care that you need a car, or a decent job. Believe me, you are wrong. If He has the time to play your favorite song, He has the time for all the important things in your life. I still have so much to tell about His grace in that part too. And it will be on my next post.
Author: Sarah A. Christie

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