Because God Has Made Everything New.

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So here’s the news. I have finally changed my blog’s name just now. I hope you find it nice. It’s quite a big change actually. Because if you understand the blogging business, it’s not usual to change a blog’s name. But anyway, I feel that my life has changed in the past 2 years, so a lot of me have changed too. But it is now moving toward the right direction. My visions, my concerns of the world and the people, it all got clearer and better. That’s why I need to change the name. To acknowledge the big change God has made in my life.

Why “The Grace Observed”? Well, I have to admit, I am quite inspired by a book written by C.S. Lewis, “A Grief Observed”. I was reading it because I’m writing a book about overcoming grief. But thankful to God, this year, my life is no longer about grief. I have come to my senses that Mom is with God now. She is happy and having a huge party with Grandma up there. Moreover, this exact same year, God has introduced me to His “grace”. The word that is so common, but so mysterious as well, to the human mind. And I have spent some time understanding and observing the grace, that I became a ‘tiny’ bit obsessed by it. Well, then a word came to me one night “grace observed”. If I think about it, well, yes, I am observing the grace for a few months now, and still doing it. And maybe will keep doing it until my time is through. The point is, you will never really understand the grace of God. Because you are human beings, with human minds. But you can observe, feel, and be thankful of the grace. That is, fortunately, all you need to do. Like pastor Joseph Prince once said, just receive it. I like that word. Receive. (No, no, I’m not gonna change my blog’s name again). So The Grace Observed represents my journey in 2012. It represents what I’m doing. What my life is about. And I want to share to you my findings about God’s grace, also my days living inside the grace, so you can be blessed by the fact that, by grace, you are already free.

Ps: I hope you like the new simple design too… Thanks to the Manifest template, I can now have a clean and strict forward blog page.
Author: Sarah A. Christie

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